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Awesome List of Distributed System Projects

Roman Glushko
Machine Learning, Software Engineering and Life
・1 min read

I have recently dug into distributed system design. I have found lots of open source projects to inspire from 💫

So I decided to start composing an awesome list on GitHub:

The list currently contains projects like:

  • Databases (SQL, NoSQL, KV)
  • Locking services
  • Streaming Services
  • Message Queues
  • Task Schedulers
  • File Systems
  • OS, Service Discovery
  • frameworks and components

Most of the projects are written in Golang, some in Java, Erlang, C++ and a few in Python, Rust, Kotlin.

Hope this is going to be helpful 🙌
Feel free to give it a star if you like it and share your fav projects which is not yet on the list 🚀

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