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How to deploy the laravel application to the Bluehost server?

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I am considering laravel application is ready for release, and you want to deploy your application on the server. In this article, we deploy the laravel application to the Bluehost server. Follow the steps to deploy the laravel application.

Select the Best plan for your application

Bluehost is the best platform to host the laravel application. They provide 24*7 support. It gives fast and secure CDN service. You can select the best plan for your application with the domain URL. You can check out hosting plans.

Compress your application.

Go to the project folder and compress all files except vendor and npm_modules because the project compress size is too much. Now we are ready to upload your project on the Bluehost server. After uploading the compressed file, now extract it.

Compress folder

Upload compress file

Connect the Database to your application

Create a database for your application. Make database user credentials for the database.

Create Database

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