Discussion on: Nevertheless, Ali Coded

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I sincerely appreciate your decision to voice your experiences out.
It saddens me deeply to realize what women go through just for being in a certain profession. It is truly unfortunate for such events to happen. Such behavior stands as a manifestation of disgust and filth.

The lack of respect their actions display is a lot disturbing. Such people should be evicted from social media platforms. I think they've confused free speech with personal vandalism and disrespect. I truly long for a time in which legislative provisions are made in favor of protection of personal dignity on social media platforms.

I must again salute the courage you and other women going through similar experiences show on a daily basis. Thank you for bringing it to public knowledge. We, men can never understand what women go through everyday but your expression has really made us realize how far we have fallen as a society that personal objectification has now become free real estate.

I hope everything stops one day, I will be trying my best for that day to come soon.

Thank you Ali.