Hello World! (first post, what's this?)

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Hi! I joined on the hopes that this is not just another social media echo chamber. I'm liking the vibe here.

What's everyone up to on this platform? Tell me what you use it for in the comments :)


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Hey rodolphito, how's it going? I write about a lot of different things, but I've been getting into programming language theory lately. I want to eventually create my own programming languages from scratch (from C, maybe, not CPU opcodes)!


Awesome! I'm doing fine, don't have much time to get on here but I'll show up every night :) About languages, have you looked at ATS? Highly recommend, has theorem proving, recursion termination, dependent types and linear types! I'm currently learning it, will probably write about it here on dev as I go along :D


I haven't! It looks interesting, though, thanks for bringing it to my attention!


I'm a game developer, technical artist, and author, hoping to meet cool people here.


Same for me, except I'm no author, but I'm new here as well, it looks like it's mostly web devs in here, well aren't they the majority anyway?


Go Gamedevs! I only became an author very recently. I'm not a fan of webdev, but its a very useful skill and I've been doing quite a lot of it lately. Mostly asp.net core, for the website where my game's community is at.