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Advent of Code 2023 - December 2nd

In this series, I'll share my progress with the 2023 version of Advent of Code.

Check the first post for a short intro to this series.

You can also follow my progress on GitHub.

December 2nd

The puzzle of day 2 was not so hard. The one from yesterday made me a bit nervous for what's to come, but it seems the Elves gave me a break today ๐Ÿ˜…

My pitfall for this puzzle: Not really any, programming the solution was pretty straightforward.

Solution here, do not click if you want to solve the puzzle first yourself
#!/usr/bin/env python3

valid_games = []
game_powers = []

def is_valid_draw(marbles):
    for marble in marbles:
        [count, color] = marble.split(' ')
        if (color == 'red' and int(count) > 12) or \
           (color == 'green' and int(count) > 13) or \
           (color == 'blue' and int(count) > 14):
            return False
    return True 

def is_valid_game(games):
    for game in games:
        marbles = game.split(', ') 
        if not is_valid_draw(marbles):
            return False
    return True

def game_power(game_marbles):
    red = 0
    green = 0
    blue = 0 
    for marbles in game_marbles:
        for marble in marbles:
            [count, color] = marble.split(' ')
            if (color == 'red' and int(count) > red):
                red = int(count)
            if (color == 'green' and int(count) > green):
                green = int(count)
            if (color == 'blue' and int(count) > blue):
                blue = int(count)
    return red * green * blue

with open('input.txt') as infile:
    lines = infile.readlines()
for line in lines:
    [game_id, all_games] = line.strip().split(': ')
    game_number = int(game_id.split(' ')[1])
    games = all_games.split('; ')
    if is_valid_game(games):
    game_marbles = [game.split(', ') for game in games]

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That's it! See you again tomorrow!

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