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Complex Shapes Part B (something I forgot to mention previously)

I want to add a quick addition to my previous post where I discussed creating a shape from a series of line segments like this:

ctx.lineWidth = 3; // just making it a little more visible
ctx.lineTo(200, 20);
ctx.lineTo(200, 200);
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A line zig-zagging in different directions

I forgot to mention that there is a way to write this using a 2 dimensional array so you don't have to repeat so much.

// set your points in a 2d array
const shape = [
    [100, 100],
    [20, 200],
    [100, 200],
    [200, 20],
    [200, 200]

ctx.lineWidth = 3;

// loop through each set of points
// if it's the first set (at index 0), `moveTo` that point,
// otherwise use `lineTo`
shape.forEach((p, i) => { 
  i === 0 ? ctx.moveTo(p[0], p[1]) : ctx.lineTo(p[0], p[1])

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