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OneDev 7 - self-hosted git service with CI/CD and Kanban

The self-hosted open source git service OneDev reaches 7.0. Some feature highlights:

Show job dependencies as pipeline

Visualize job dependencies as pipeline to get instant understanding of job relationships and their execution statuses.

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Two-factor authentication

TOTP based two-factor authentication can be enabled by user. Site administrator can also enforce 2FA for all users or certain groups

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Commit/Tag GPG signature verification and generation

Commits and tags with GPG signature can be verified. Branch/tag protection rule can be set up to enforce signed commits/tags. OneDev can use its own signing key to sign commits/tags generated by itself (pull request merge commits etc). GPG public key of other git hosting services can be imported so that their signed commits/tags can be trusted

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Able to cache cloned repository to improve CI/CD speed

Repository can now be cloned into a sub directory under job workspace, and can be cached to improve speed. For instance a fresh clone of Linux repository takes 5 minutes, while updating a cached one takes 5 seconds

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Other improvements

For a complete list of changes, please check the release notes

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