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OneDev 7.1

OneDev is a self-hosted git service with built-in CI/CD and
Kanban. The 7.1 release comes with below major improvements:

Command palette to access features quickly

Press cmd/ctrl-k to bring up command palette from anywhere. Search everything and
jump to it.

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Easy project navigation via tree breadbrumb

Project navigation is much easier now with tree view in project list and breadcrumb

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Two-way repository sync

Push to remote repository upon changes, or pull from remote repository upon remote change. Check this tutorial for details

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Display similar issues when create new issue

Similar issues will be displayed in real-time when typing title of new issue, which is very convenient to prevent duplication issues being filed

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Full-text search with stop word filtering and word stemming

When do fuzzy search against issues and pull requests, stop words are filtered (for major languages), and word stemming will be performed (for English currently)

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Able to change target branch of existing pull request

Occasionally we need to change target branch of existing pull request without losing discussion context

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