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I made an app that gives you access too 20,000 plus hidden Netflix categories

Robert James Gabriel
Robert James is currently building open source projects and sass products, PWA's across iOS, Android, Website, and TV while traveling the world. To speak at events. Previously at Teamwork, Dell & Emc.
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Anyone who follows me on Twitter or Github knows I work on my own startup Idea and a few pet projects. One of these includes this. A chrome extension that searchs and finds Netflix's Hidden Categories and grows with them. It was built with Vue, Bem and Mocha.

Netflix has thousands of hidden categories. This extension I made helps you unlock many of those secret categories.


  • Search verified hidden categories
  • Small size ~ 0.02 MB
  • Favourite categories
  • Syncing across browsers


  • No permissions required to install
  • No data is sent

You can see a video demo here

You can download it here free for a week on Google Chrome. (1.99 after that)

Any feedback or questions I would love to answer. Like how do I get the new catorgories? The money on this covers the costs :)

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mathiu profile image

Great extension, thanks!

Here is a link to Firefox: (I hope its yours).