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The #showdev tag is one option in this community, but it really depends on what you're doing, and you still need to give people a reason for reading (perhaps talking about the building process)

I think the general plan should be to gradually build up a userbase and gain users through word of mouthโ€”even if the process is really slow early on. I've learned that "launches" are a fools errand. Ongoing continuous improvements you can point to have had a much better result on my projects. It takes a lot of patience and self-awareness.


+1 for Ben's response. I can confirm that 'launches' are indeed useless. I rolled out my side project recently and as expected, it got like 4 likes on twitter and zero interactions on the project :D Good thing I did it for fun and learning and did not take it too seriously


This is really encouraging for me, as I am currently crawling through the the process of gaining awareness for Orchid. Can confirm that the initial launch didn't do much, gained about 20 stars in the first couple days, and its now at about 75 about 4 months later. It's a bit frustrating and discouraging at times how slow growth is, but this gives me encouragement to know it's not just me!


I 100% agree and noticed this myself. I work on a few projects and noticed the launch did nothing. When I started to work on it myself and noticed more people started downloading cause of the new features.


I've had some success with Product Hunt and sharing on Twitter. Hacker News is also a good place but again, hit or a miss.

I have learned that going long term is sometimes the best solution over trying to crack it ones. Keep writing about it, the problems it solves and you should see good results soon (of course, some trial and error will be needed. But once you know what works for your audience, it more of a question of refining the approach)

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