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Do you get exhausted from working or studying?

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P.S: bear with me, I wanna try a playful style of writing my thoughts as a code:

function Success(you) 

    if (you == wanna_be_successful)

        study new things, after work, every day (5 days a week), 
        for at least 1 hour a day,
        to keep you = up-to-date and aware of all the new technologies;       


        you = lag behind your peers and you kinda become value-less 
        in the market;


    return you;


function Lately(I, experience)

    let I = PHP Developer
    let experience = 5 years
    let me = []

    2 weeks ago, I refreshed my knowledge of HTML/CSS/JavaScript;
    It felt amazing to catch up with the new additions (especially ECMA6);

    I could study all day long;
    I studied every day, even in weekends;

    I thought about it whenever I was hanging out with my family and friends;
    I couldn't wait to go back to study more and more;

    return me;


function now(me)
    me = [];    

    after those 2 weeks, I couldn't read a single word without feeling
    that my brain is gonna explode;

    I moved on to do some working on my own website;
    But I still feel like my brain has shrunk or something;
    I cannot focus;

    My intuition tells me that my brain is tired and needs time to relax;
    My (personal) deadlines make me nervous;

    return me;


function YourThoughts(yourThoughts)

    what are your experiences with this;
    Too much working, too much studying;
    Should we rest after too much work/study;
    How long should we rest;

    It's been almost 3 days that I cannot do a significant work,
    but I NEED to work, the "world" cannot wait for me that long;

    return yourThoughts;


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