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MacOS v Linux v Windows?

Which OS are you using for work? Also, out of pure interest, which OS are you using for personal use?

In some companies, they don't wanna even hear the word "Windows".

Most devs, especially "NEW DEVS" are preferring Mac..

I usually used Windows as it was the OS provided by the company, but one company suggested Linux, so yeah, Linux was also good, no big differences.

I wonder if Mac has any sort of advantages over the others? Besides the iOS thingy...


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Kruno Golubic

I use Windows. Main reason is the fact that the software that I use doesn't exist for Linux. Mac is way out of my price range. I guess it is like with the choice of the IDE, editor or any kind of tools; I'll use what I'm most comortable with. There is no perfect tool or OS, just one that I know how to use.

A lot of my cologues use Mac. They say that the speed of the M1 powered ones is just amazing.

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