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re: How did you feel after your first open source PR? VIEW POST


I felt like a superhero! Also felt like with imposter syndrome. 😅

I joined Github on 2011, however I created this PR to solve an annoying issue at work. I was used to create designs using the defunct Fireworks, using all kind of color blended colors instead of solid colors. Therefore, I read the implementation of some of those blending colors operations in other project and consolidate in a PR.

Ah, I felt proud to have contributed something useful not only for me, but for others.

Here's the PR:

9 blending modes added as LESS operations #596

rmariuzzo avatar
rmariuzzo commented on Jan 25, 2012

Hi Alexis,

If it is not out of the LESS project scope, you may feel free to add these 9 blending modes.

  • multiply
  • screen
  • overlay
  • softlight
  • hardlight
  • difference
  • exclusion
  • average
  • negation

I also created the test cases, and it works like a clock.

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