Laravel Vs CodeIgniter

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Choosing the right PHP framework for customized solutions to the corporate sector has become a very important prerogative today. Although there are a couple of PHP MVC frameworks available in the market, yet the two most prominently discussed and heard are Laravel and Codeigniter.

Let us see in the following text which PHP web development services framework is better as in recent times lots of discussions are doing rounds in the industry.

What is Codeigniter?
An MVC framework based on PHP, Codeigniter helps develop apps quite fast. It is useful for carrying out various options and to connect to the database. The security and encryption procedures are very much up to the mark. Some of the basic salient features of Codeigniter are –

MVC Frameworks for developers are user friendly
Data is encrypted with paging facilities
Error logging is much faster along with file uploading
XSS Filtering and higher security levels
Image manipulation library
Supports class extension and hooks
URLs are SEO friendly

What is Laravel?
Easing the development works like routing, caching, authentication and sessions, Laravel is a web app framework very much in demand and much in use by the developers. It is released under MIT license its source code is hosted on GitHub. Few important features of Laravel development services include:

Caching mechanism is built-in
Authentication mechanism inbuilt
Better IO with better modular packaging
User-friendly blade tempting machine
Can easily integrate with third-party libraries
Quality session control one of the finest
Fully composer based dependency manager

Learn in more details here: https://webmobileappcreator.wordpress.com/2020/07/10/laravel-vs-codeigniter-which-php-framework-is-better/


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