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Learning AWS Day by Day — Day 25 — S3 Introduction — Part 3

Exploring AWS !!

Day 25:

S3 Introduction — Part 3

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Storage Class: Each object has a storage class associated with it.

  • STANDARD: For frequently accessed data 119s of durability and 49s of availability.

  • STANDARD IA: For less frequently accessed real time data 119s of durability and 39s of availability.

  • REDUCED REDUNDANCY: Non-critical, reproducible data with lower levels of redundancy than standard storage class, 49s of durability and 49s of availability.

Lifecycle Management: works at bucket level, enabling us to perform an action on object based on rules.


— Transaction: Objects are transitional from one storage class to another.



Object must be stored for atleast 30 days in current storage class before transitioning.

— Expiration: Objects are expired and deleted.

Storage Classes and Storage Class Analysis:

Storage Classes: Standard/Reduced Redundancy, One Zone IA, Glacier, Standard IA, Intelligent Tiering, Deep Archive.

Standard: Frequently accessed data

Intelligent Tiering: long-lived data with changing or unknown access patterns (30 days)

Standard IA: long lived, infrequently accessed data (30 days).

One Zone IA: long lived, infrequently accessed, non critical data (30 days).

Glacier: Archives data with retrieval times ranging from minutes to hours (90 days).

Glacier Deep Archive: archives data that rarely or if ever needs to be accessed with retrieval times in hours.

Reduced Redundancy (not recommended): frequently accessed, non critical data.

STANDARD storage class to any other storage class.

Any other storage class to GLACIER or DEEP ARCHIVE.

Cross Region Replication:

Automatic Asynchronous replication of objects to different regions.

Subset of object can also be replicated using prefix matches.

Versioning should be enabled for CRR to work.

Source bucket or its object can be replicated to only 1 target bucket.

Deletion of specific object version is not replicated over to other region.

Existing object of a bucket are not replicated (if replication enabled later on).

Lifecycle management actions are not replicated.

Replicated objects are not replicated to other regions.

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