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Learning AWS Day by Day — Day 45 — Amazon DynamoDB — Part 1

Exploring AWS !!

Day 46:

Amazon DynamoDB — Part 1

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Fully managed NoSQL database
Encryption at Rest
Serve any level of traffic, scale up and down your tables throughput
Capacity without downtime or performance degradation
Provides on demand backup
Point-in-time recovery-accidental write or delete operation, last 35 days
Delete expired items automatically

High Availability and Durability:
Spreads data and traffic over sufficient number of servers to handle throughput and storage requirements,

Write to table: put item
read: get item
delete: delete item
query: dynamodb query — tablename
list: list tables
RCU (Read capacity Unit): 1 strongly consistent read per second, or 2 eventually consistent reads per second for items up to 4kb.
WCU (Write Capacity Unit): up to 1 kb
Number of tables: Initial quota 2500 table
PageSizeLimit: 1 mb, LastEvaluatedKey: new request to read next page
Local secondary indexes: 5 (LSI)
Global secondary indexes: 20
Projected secondary index attribute per table: 100 attributes
Partition keys: minimum length 1 byte, maximum 2048 bytes
Sort key volume: minimum length 1 byte, maximum 1024 bytes
Maximum item size: 400 kb
Core components: Tables, items and attributes
Table — collection of item — item collection of attributes
Dynamodb streams — to capture data modification events in Dynamodb table
Table: Person, Item: FirstName, Attribute: abc
Primary key: uniquely identified each item
GSI: an index with partition key and sort key that can be different from those on table
LSI: same partition key but different sort key.

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