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Daily Log: 13, 14, 15, 16

From my last post:

this might have to wait until the weekend.

The weekend came and went away, but this bug did not. In all honesty, I haven't gawked at the screen long enough. You know, sleeves up, pupils dilated, sight narrowed down to a beautiful 8 pixel wide monospace, and then suddenly, it occurs to you. The "flow" as some might call it.

My excuse, like the 99% of you, is time. This week again, jampacked with the final batch of backlog from the last quarter, which I don't want to carry forward. I'm also taking a little break from work (and everything else) which means a smaller week for me. I don't think that I'd be able to get back on track with "clox" right away.

The good news is that I've another something to munch on while I wait for "the flow" (I use the term, almost mockingly, despite it being a real, physiological phenomenon; to assert on spending time and doing the work and not on waiting for the flow to occur magically). This just arrived in the mailbox:

Book: 500 Lines or less

This book documents the journey of design decisions taken by experienced programmers, the likes of Guido van Rossum and Ned Batchelder, when they start working on something large (complicated) which is still small in size, a limit artificially enforced in the book, ergo 500 lines or less. from "Building a web crawler with asyncio routines" to writing a "Python interpreter in Python" under 500 lines of code.

As attractive and luring as it is, I still doubt if I'd be able to push another attractive post this week. 🤞

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