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Step By Step Visual Roadmap To Any learn programming Language (Practice Questions included)

It’s always a good idea to plan rather than directly jumping in, to achieve our goals in a shorter period of time.

To learn a programming language, follow a visual roadmap to understand the basics and succeed in that. Practice questions sheets are provided for some important topics. This roadmap & questions are applicable to any language you are learning because concepts are same in every language , only syntax is different.

Note: Assuming that you have chosen which programming language to learn.

So let’s get started ,yippee..

Learn a new topic and practice that topic on alternate days, as shown below :


Blue bar shows the day to learn a new topic . White bar shows the day to practice questions from below the Practice Questions sheet , topics that we have learnt a day before.
Sunday is our day off!!

Visual roadmap of topics that we should know in any programming language .

Link :-

As promised , here’s the practice questions sheet :

Link :-

Questions are not complex, but enough to make your concepts clear. Solutions of these questions can be very easily found on the internet , but try to spend at least 30mins figuring out the solution.

With these estimates you can complete the roadmap in about 3 month! It’s just a rough estimate and can vary from person to person.

Bonus Tip: If you are still searching for best resources to learn C++,JavaScript,Python , here’s the list:
- C++(Paid):
- JavaScript(Free):
- Python(Free):

At last all I would say is, keep on practicing as practice is the only key to success!

Thanks for reading,
Written with ❤️ & passion 🔥 by Rishabh Raghwendra

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