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SDLC: Agile Model

Agile model is commonly used by SDLC these days because of its adaptability to changing requirements . It is a combination of Iterative & Incremental models . It focuses on process adaptability & rapid delivery of working software products .

In Agile , requirements are divided in small incremental builds (iteration). Each build lasts for about 1-2 months . Each build is planned in advance . At the end of each build customers feedback is taken on the current build. The final build has all requirements.

Here’s the diagram of Agile Model:
Agile Model Workflow
Each Build has to go through Design , Development and Testing.

Check out my blog SDLC to get the gist of the process.

Use Cases

  • Frequent changes are required
  • Highly skilled team is available
  • Customer is ready to have interaction frequently
  • Project size is small

Pros of Agile Model

  • Easy to manage
  • Little or no planning required
  • Reduces total development time
  • Customer interaction is the backbone of the model
  • Minimum documentation required
  • Adaptive to changing requirements

Cons of Agile Model

  • Not good fit for complex projects
  • Risk of sustainability , maintainability & extensibility
  • Heavily dependent on customer interaction . If customer is not clear then team can be guided in wrong direction
  • Very high dependency on an individual since less documentation is made
  • Due to less documentation passing of the project to new team members is difficult
  • An overall plan and an agile expert/leader is needed without him/her the model is difficult to follow .

So far, we have discussed the Model, it’s use cases, pros & cons.

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