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XRPL Grants Wave 3 Theme: Contributing to Open Source

Applications for Wave 3 are now open!

The official theme for this wave is “Contributing to Open Source.” The Program aims to support the independent, open-source ecosystem development around the XRP Ledger (XRPL). Making “Contributing to Open Source” the focus area of Wave 3 encourages projects that not only expand and enhance the resources available for XRPL developers, but that also continue to grow and strengthen the XRPL community. Types of projects may include:

  • Creating and open-sourcing a new project
  • Contributing to an existing open-source project
  • Adding XRP or XRP Ledger support to a project
  • Integrating the XRP Ledger with existing APIs, SDKs, and technologies that simplify deployment and integration
  • Building libraries for the XRP Ledger
  • Opening PRs for other projects to support the XRP Ledger

Projects applications for Wave 3 will be accepted form March 4 - 28, 2022, and applicants can view and submit their applications online. For all information about applying visit

Wave 3 Timeline

  • Applications Open: March 4 - 28, 2022
  • Finalist Interviews: May/June 2022
  • Grantees Announced: July 2022

All applications for Wave 3 will be carefully reviewed by an expert panel of judges from respected institutions and companies from around the world. Select project teams will then be invited to participate and present in a 30-minute interview with members of the grants team and the judging committee.

Since the XRPL Grants program launched in May 2021, more than 50 projects have been funded internationally. View all the awarded projects.

Join a Live Q&A

We invite anyone interested in learning more about applying for an XRPL Grant to attend our official Q&A on the RippleXDev Twitch channel on Tuesday, March 15, 2022 at 11 AM PT (18:00 UTC).

Have more questions about applying?

Answers to commonly asked questions are available on the FAQ page. The XRPL Developers Discord is also a great place to connect with the community, including past funding recipients.

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