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XRPL Grants Wave 7 Awardees Unveiled

The XRPL Grants program is thrilled to reveal the recipients of the Wave 7 awards, where innovation meets excellence. After rigorous evaluation by the judging committee, seven outstanding projects have been selected to receive funding and support.

The influx of applications to the Wave 7 cohort was impressive, with 132 submissions from across the globe. After a comprehensive review process, seven outstanding projects from seven countries and four continents, resulting in a total funding amount of more than $700,000.

These awardees cover an array of financial use cases, underlining the diverse applications of the XRP Ledger in the realm of decentralized finance (DeFi), payments, real world asset (RWA) tokenization, NFTs and authentication.

Judging Process Overview
Throughout the evaluation process, the judging committee meticulously assessed each project against a rigorous framework:

  • Code Review: Ensuring clarity, sufficiency, and originality of the project’s codebase.
  • Project Goals and Timelines: Assessing clarity and thoughtfulness in defining project objectives and timelines.
  • Use Cases: Validating relevance and sustainability of building the project on the XRP Ledger.
  • Team Expertise: Identifying expert developers capable of executing the project confidently.
  • Sustainability: Evaluating the team’s long-term plan for project maintenance.
  • Legal and Regulatory Considerations: Addressing the potential legal or regulatory considerations associated with the project.

The projects chosen not only excelled in the abovementioned criteria but also exemplified the spirit of creativity, technical prowess, and real-world applicability that the Grants program is aiming to foster within the XRP Ledger ecosystem:

  • Bitbob: BitBob is an iOS application designed to simplify bill splitting and payment requests for users worldwide. Bitbob will be made available at launch in 110 languages with support for multiple fiat currencies. Empowered by integration with the XRP Ledger and Flare Network for decentralized price feeds, BitBob ensures a seamless payment experience for all users. A key differentiator for BitBob is that users can interact with the XRP Ledger (XRPL) through WhatsApp's known and trusted interface, prompting and receiving payments and capturing and verifying the XRPL in real-time.

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  • Breezepay: Breezepay integrates with both online stores and Point-of-Sale systems, allowing users to seamlessly pay for goods and services with their cryptocurrency at the click of a button. Using the XRP Ledger, customers can unlock the value of their XRP-based assets by simply connecting their wallet to Breezepay and paying for everyday goods, similar to a card transaction.

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  • Kodelab: The Kodelab HELOC offers instant access to flexible credit/liquidity secured against properties or other illiquid assets via public and private blockchains, in the form of CBDC or stablecoin. Users can draw down and repay funds up to a certain Loan-to-Value (LTV), empowering and providing users with flexible credit options. The accompanying tokenization stack, formed from some ‘world-first’ legal engineering developed in conjunction with DLA Piper and Truva Corp, allows for the on-chain (NFT) collateral to be composed of actual property ownership rights or mortgage rights, boosting security for lenders, whilst borrowers are left with simplified and enhanced accessibility to revolving credit compared to traditional fixed-term loans.

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  • Moai Finance: Moai Finance is developing a multi-chain decentralized exchange (DEX) and cross-chain DEX aggregator to improve asset liquidity and utility within the XRP Ledger (XRPL) ecosystem. Their flagship product is an automated market maker (AMM)-based decentralized protocol that enables seamless swapping between assets on different blockchains. They want to expand their product to support XRPL Mainnet and XRPL EVM sidechain to simplify the liquidity provision and asset swap mechanisms for users.

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  • Propto: Propto, a decentralized exchange and tokenization platform, enables commercial property owners to fractionalize and list their assets on-chain. The product allows investors with a small amount of capital to participate in the commercial real estate market. Propto's tokenization and trading functionalities utilize the XRPL's native features, such as trustlines and the DEX, to facilitate real estate token transactions.

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  • Tender Merchant: Tender Merchant is a point-of-sale terminal that allows merchants to accept digital asset payments easily, effectively, and safely. Tender Merchant is utilizing the XRPL to accept payments in XRP, issue points on the Loyalty app, and aid movement of funds by merchants. By integrating with the XRPL, customers gain the convenience of purchasing goods and services using XRP at any Tender-enabled store, further enhancing the adoption and utility of digital assets in everyday transactions.

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  • VWBL: The 'Viewable' Protocol, VWBL, focuses on utilizing NFTs to encapsulate encrypted data to authenticate real-world scenarios, such as medical exams. VWBL is an on-chain condition-based access control protocol and key management network that operates across multiple blockchains. Its core features include enabling NFTs to securely carry encrypted external data, granting access to this data to users who meet specific conditions, and a decentralized and trustless architecture.

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Begin Your Journey on the XRP Ledger
The XRPL Grants Wave 7 awardees represent the forefront of innovation within the XRPL ecosystem. We extend our congratulations to each project team and look forward to forthcoming applications for XRPL Grants which are now open. Projects will be reviewed and awarded on a rolling basis. Apply now via the XRPL Grants website, and subscribe to the XRPL Newsletter to receive the very latest updates!

Stay tuned for updates on these groundbreaking projects as they embark on their journey to redefine possibilities within the XRPL community. For more information about XRPL Grants and future opportunities, visit

Let's continue to drive innovation, collaboration, and progress within the XRPL ecosystem together!

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Rise and Shine Crypto fanatics,
Congratulations to all XRPL Grants Wave 7 awardees! 🌟 The XRPL Grants, an initiative by Ripple, aims to foster innovation within the XRP Ledger (XRPL) community by providing financial support to visionary projects. Since the launch of the first wave, we have witnessed impressive growth in both the number of applications and the quality of proposals.

For those who may not be familiar with the program, the XRPL Grants are designed to support developers, researchers, and startups in building solutions on the XRP Ledger. These initiatives range from tools and applications to research and educational projects that contribute to the growth and adoption of the XRPL ecosystem.

As we enter the seventh wave, we can look back on a rich history of successful projects that have been realized thanks to these grants. Each wave has brought a new cohort of talented participants who continue to push the boundaries of what is possible on the XRPL.

It is inspiring to see the community continue to grow and innovate. As an avid supporter and active member of the XRPLedger community, I am excited to see what groundbreaking ideas these new awardees will bring. Together, we are building a future of decentralized solutions and financial inclusion.

Welcome aboard, new XRPL Grants Wave 7 awardees! Your dedication and vision will undoubtedly make a lasting impact on our ecosystem. 🚀

XRPL #Blockchain #Innovation #XRPLGrants