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XRPL Grants: Now Open for Wave 4 Applications

Opportunities abound this fall for XRPL builders! We are now accepting applications for XRPL Grants Wave 4, which seeks projects focused on sustainability and diversity, equity and inclusion!

Earlier this year, Ripple committed 1 billion XRP to the XRPL Grants program to provide long-term resources to software development projects built on the XRP Ledger. Delivering on that promise, XRPL Grants is launching multiple funds in Wave 4 to encourage the development of sustainability-focused projects and projects by women- and non-binary-led software development teams. The program will also partner with Morgan State University to support projects from Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) students, faculty, and alums.

What We’re Looking For

XRPL Grants funds software development projects that leverage the open-source XRP Ledger (XRPL). Any project built on the XRPL and involves some technical development is encouraged to apply—to date, more than $8 million in funding has been awarded to 90 project teams in more than 20 countries.

Projects should contain open-source components, be technically feasible, and benefit the XRPL community. To help get you inspired, here are the areas of particular focus for Wave 4 applications:

Sustainability Projects
The XRPL is the world’s first major carbon-neutral blockchain. Wave 4 seeks projects that leverage the XRPL to create solutions that help achieve global climate targets and support the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. XRPL Grants is partnering with Ripple Impact and invites expert judges from renowned institutions in sustainability fields to participate in the review and judging process.

Women and Non-Binary Led Projects
XRPL Grants seeks to encourage projects by women and non-binary software developers building on the XRPL. To support development within these underrepresented groups and a more inclusive future for crypto, we are partnering with women- and non-binary-focused Web3 affiliate groups.

Applications for this focus must be created by women or non-binary identifying software developers. Projects led by a woman or non-binary software developer or in which the majority of the technical team are women or non-binary identifying are particularly encouraged to apply!

HBCU Projects
In partnership with Morgan State University, XRPL Grants is launching an application to fund XRPL projects by HBCU faculty, students, and recent alums to encourage diverse innovation and support the technical achievements of Black software developers and teams.

The team lead and core developers applying to this project focus must be HBCU affiliates—whether students, faculty, or recent alums (within five years)—and have an HBCU-affiliated email address or be able to verify their affiliation status.

General Projects
In addition to the above categories, XRPL Grants will continue to accept applications from any eligible project teams. All applicants may submit a project through the “General Projects” application or choose the application focus that best fits their team identity or project content.

Important Deadlines and FAQs
The complete application process for Wave 4 takes roughly 3-4 months.

  • Applications Open: August 16 - October 14, 2022 - projects will be reviewed and awarded on a rolling basis, so we encourage applicants to submit early.
  • Judging and Review: September - November 2022 - there are multiple stages of review, with applicants notified within 3-4 weeks of their project status and whether they will be moving forward to the next step.
    • Review Stage 1: Application and technical screenings to ensure the project meets general eligibility requirements and is in the spirit of the XRPL Grants program.
    • Review Stage 2: In-depth review by the XRPL Grants Judging Committee to determine finalists.
    • Finalist Interview: 30-minute interview with members of the XRPL Grants Team and Judging Committee.
  • Awarding: December 2022 - projects will be awarded on a rolling basis after finalist interviews are complete, with grantees announced in December.

We invite anyone interested in learning more about XRPL Grants to attend a live information session on August 23 at 11:00am PST. Register here.

Questions? Head to the FAQ page. You can also connect with the community, including past funding recipients, by joining the XRPL Developers Discord.

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