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XRPL Grants - New Expert Judges Join with a Focus on Financial Inclusion and Emerging Markets

As XRPL Grants Wave 7 unfolds, we are excited to introduce our distinguished panel of judges, a blend of fresh faces and returning experts who will play a crucial role in evaluating the innovative projects that will shape the XRPL ecosystem. Our Wave 7 Judging Committee consists of 25 judges, covering a wide spectrum of expertise. View the full XRPL Grants Judging Committee roster.

New Judges: Welcoming Fresh Perspectives

Kenneth Kou, Head of Venture Lab, Mercy Corps Ventures
Ken Kou, leading the Mercy Corps Venture Lab, specializes in designing initiatives for underserved users in emerging markets to enhance financial and climate resilience. With a background spanning startups, international development, and management consulting across Southeast Asia and Africa, Kenneth brings expertise in financial inclusion, sustainability, DeFi ReFi, and emerging markets.

Laura Chioda, Director of Research for the Lab for Inclusive Fintech (LIFT) and the Institute for Business and Social Impact (IBSI), UC Berkeley
In collaboration with UC Berkeley faculty, Laura is responsible for formulating and developing research agendas for IBSI/LIFT’s strategic priorities, which include fintech and banking, sustainability, mental health, and diversity and inclusion. Laura holds a PhD in economics from UC Berkeley and was an assistant professor of economics at Princeton. Her research interests range from theoretical econometric issues of identification and machine learning to behavioral economics, youth and skill development, intra-household decisions and social networks. She also serves as principal investigator on several fintech and digital inclusion studies. Her work has been featured in the Financial Times, the Wall Street Journal, the Economist, and other international press.

Returning Judges: A Wealth of Experience

Our returning external judges bring a wealth of experience, covering diverse areas of expertise. Their dedication and previous contributions have been instrumental in the success of XRPL Grants thus far.

  • Sanjay Bapna, MBA, PhD, Interim Associate Dean, Earl Graves School of Business and Management, Morgan State University
  • Jordan Cates, Developer Advocate, Anchain.AI
  • Scott Chamberlain, Entrepreneurial Fellow, Australian National University
  • Vivek Chauhan, Principal Product Manager, FalconX
  • Jasmine Cooper, Senior Product Manager, RippleX
  • Kenneth Chung, Postdoctoral Research Associate, University of Pennsylvania
  • Yebo Feng, Research Fellow, Nanyang Technological University
  • Carl Hua, Investment Partner & CTO, Shima Capital
  • Chris Jimison, CTO, Forte
  • Lukasz Kowalski, Lecturer, Industry Fellow, and Co-Director Blockchain X-Lab SCET, UC Berkeley
  • Ajit Kulkarni, Senior Product Manager, RippleX
  • Alejandro Laplana, CEO, Shokworks, Inc
  • Elliot Lee, Engineering Manager, RippleX
  • Aanchal Malhotra, Head of Research, RippleX
  • Andrew Mangle, Associate Professor, Bowie State University
  • Shashwat Mittal, Senior Product Manager, RippleX
  • Marco Neri, Senior Manager, Developer Advocate, RippleX
  • Peter Rosberg, CTO,
  • Mayukha Vadari, Senior Software Engineer, Interoperability, RippleX
  • Jiahua Xu, Ph.D., Programme Director MSc Emerging Digital Technologies, University College London
  • Bo Yang, Professor, Bowie State University
  • Max Zheng, Director of Investments, Blockchain Founders Group
  • Jan Zibelnik, Product Manager, Lossless

Judging Criteria: Ensuring Rigorous Evaluation

As we delve into the evaluation process, our judging committee will meticulously assess each project based on several criteria:

  • Code Review: The project’s code must be sufficient, clear and original, with a well-documented technical design.
  • Project Goals and Timelines: Clarity and thoughtfulness in defining project goals and timelines.
  • Use Case/Applicability: A clear and sensible use case for building the project on the XRPL.
  • Team Expertise: The presence of expert developers on the core team capable of executing the project efficiently.
  • Sustainability: The team’s plan for long-term project maintenance.
  • Legal and Regulatory Considerations: Identification and consideration of any relevant legal or regulatory aspects.

Disclaimer: The XRPL Grants program reserves the right to decline any project. Reports of harassment, doxing, etc., targeting members or judges of the program will not be tolerated under any circumstances.

Apply for XRPL Grants in 2024

Passionate developers and start-ups, seize the opportunity to be part of XRPL Grants! The next application will open in Spring 2024 Showcase your innovative ideas and contribution to the evolution of the XRPL ecosystem.

Stay tuned for updates and announcements as we progress through the application process. For more details, visit and sign up for our email list.

Let’s collaborate to drive innovation, foster collaboration, and propel progress within the XRPL community!

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