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Top Tech Leaders Join Ripple’s CBDC Innovate Challenge as Judges

The response to Ripple’s recently announced CBDC Innovate challenge has been overwhelming. In just 3 weeks the challenge has received over 200 entrants, but there is still time for developers to enter the challenge.

Coders from enterprise organizations and individuals are invited to enter the two-part challenge to develop CBDC applications in the categories of interoperability, retail and financial inclusion to support the possible adoption of central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) with XRP Ledger (XRPL) technologies.

Meet the Judges

To support developers in their quest to create CBDC applications, Ripple is honored to welcome a panel of industry experts as judges of the challenge. They are:

Stefany Bello, Head of Digital Partnerships and Strategic Alliances in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC), Mastercard

Jonathan Donovan, Vice President of Product Development - Blockchain and Digital Assets, Mastercard

Daniel Eidan, Adviser and Solution Architect, BIS Innovation Hub (BIS IH)

Aleksi Grym, Head of Fintech and Principal Adviser, Bank of Finland

Bryena Jyoti, Director, Blockchain Technology Solutions, Digital Assets Innovation, PwC

Jennifer Lassiter, Executive Director, The Digital Dollar Project

Dr. Ousmène Jacques Mandeng, Senior Advisor, Blockchain and Multiparty Systems, Accenture

Brett Molin, Technical Partner Director, Central Banks Ripple

Anastasia “Tracy” Raissis, Director for International Financials, World Wide Public Sector, Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Rajesh Sadhwani, Managing Director - Banking & Capital Markets, DXC Technology

Nav Singh, Head of EMEA Marketing and Communications - Banking and Capital Markets, DXC Technology

John Velissarios, Global Managing Director - Digital Assets, Custody and CBDC Lead, Accenture

Xiaochen Zhang, Global Head of Innovation & Go To Market, Amazon Web Services (AWS)

"Ripple’s expertise in the CBDC space, along with our existing partnerships with central banks around the world, allows us to encourage and better assist contestants in this exciting CBDC-focused challenge,” said James Wallis, Vice President of Central Bank Engagements & CBDCs at Ripple. “We are excited to see the enthusiasm for CBDCs continue to grow, and we are honored to have such a distinguished group of judges from the blockchain, finance and digital assets sectors join Ripple’s inaugural CBDC Innovate competition.”

Finalists and Winners: Upcoming Announcements

Enterprise and individual developers are invited to submit their applications for Phase 1 of the challenge through August 25. Finalists from Phase I will move onto Phase II of CBDC Innovate where they will compete for one grand prize of $150,000 USD.

Up to 28 finalists will be selected to receive mentorship from industry experts, with the initial group being announced on September 8 at Apex: XRPL Developer Summit in Las Vegas. Finalists’ solutions will be highlighted to a global audience in November at Ripple Swell Global.

Watch this space for further updates as the competition evolves!

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