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Help Build the Future of the XRPL with Bounties

Introducing XRPL Bounties—a new program that awards software developers for completing specific ideas and projects that benefit the XRP Ledger (XRPL) community and advance the Internet of Value.

Unlike the XRPL Grants program, which funds developers to build out their existing project or app idea, Bounties start with an idea and award developers who fulfill the specific requirements needed to bring those ideas to life. Doing so directly supports and encourages the growing XRPL dev community to contribute new use cases and capabilities for the XRPL.

Building on the XRP Ledger

Bounties pave the path to success for qualified software developers who want to build something useful for the community, but aren’t quite sure what.

With XRPL Bounties, developers can choose their next project and bring it to life by learning through building. These ideas can come from anyone—in the XRPL community or beyond—and receive input from XRPL experts and engineers before developers are approved and funded to execute them. Use cases include gaming, e-commerce, real estate and more—the possibilities are limitless!


What are Bounties?
Bounties are awards for developing software, tools or integrations that enable and improve specific use cases for the XRP Ledger.

Unlike Ripple’s Bug Bounty program, which encourages hackers to responsibly report infosec issues instead of exploiting them, XRPL Bounties are defined in advance with specific acceptance criteria.

Who can apply?
XRPL Bounties is open to any software developer or team from most places worldwide. While experience building on the XRP Ledger is great, you do not need explicit XRPL experience to build a bounty.

However, applicants should be over 18 and have coding experience and specialized skills (depending on the bounty).

How are XRPL Bounties funded?
Based on the project value and priority, software developers will be awarded anywhere from ​​$500 - $100,000 USD per milestone completed.

How do Bounties differ from the XRPL Grants program?
XRPL Grants awards software developers who are already working on an idea. XRPL Bounties start with the ideas (or problems) and pay developers who fulfill the requirements to complete the idea with pre-defined funding.

How can I submit my idea?
Anyone can identify and introduce an idea (or problem) by starting a discussion on GitHub. From there, technical specifications and milestones are identified and approved via a GitHub PR (pull request).

Then what?
Once the PR is live on GitHub, the XRPL Bounties team will review the proposal for value-add and technical feasibility. Each bounty needs at least three approvals on GitHub, and budget needs to be approved and set aside for completing the bounty. Bounties will then remain open for 1-6 months for developers to fulfill. Only after the work is complete can devs receive payment—it’s that simple!

What if I don't meet the above criteria? Can I still get funded?
Don’t worry if you don’t meet the criteria for XRPL Bounties; there are still many other ways to get funding for your XRPL project or idea. Simply head to the developer funding page for the latest and greatest!

Furthermore, funding is not required to build on the XRP Ledger—a free and open-source public blockchain network. Learn more about the XRP Ledger at

Questions? Let us know in the comments section below or visit!

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Vladislav Anokhin ☀️ • Edited

Hello, what if I'm an indie game developer?

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Elliot Lee
  1. If you have a need for open source tooling, a plug-in, or integration, then you can check to see if any existing bounties cover it, or propose the need as a new idea. Learn more at
  2. If you're looking for funding for your existing game or project, you can apply for a developer grant! See
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Hello, I'm an Nicaraguan Developer interested in developing cutting edge innovative technologies.
How to submit the proposal?

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Elliot Lee

Hi @eliorivas! You can find all the details at There are some open bounties that you can work on, or you can go to the Discussions to propose a new idea for a future Bounty.