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Empowering Developers: QuickNode Now Supports XRP Ledger (XRPL)

As developers and contributors to the decentralized, open-source XRP Ledger (XRPL), the RippleX engineering team is excited to announce a major breakthrough in the XRPL ecosystem that will revolutionize the way developers build decentralized applications (dApps).

QuickNode, a leading provider of blockchain infrastructure and tools for developers, will introduce support for the XRP Ledger. This integration is a significant step toward empowering developers with top-tier infrastructure, facilitating the creation of scalable, secure, and accessible dApps on this powerful Layer 1 open-source blockchain.

QuickNode and XRPL are set to provide developers with a solid foundation to innovate and shape the future of Web3.

Quicknode on XRPL

QuickNode Support: Gamechanger for Devs on XRPL

QuickNode prides itself on making blockchain infrastructure easy and accessible, allowing developers to focus on dApp development rather than putting energy into running a node and all that goes with it. QuickNode ensures invaluable support for factors such as scalability, uptime and security allowing developers to keep innovating and creating the kind of dApps that will seamlessly onboard new users into the space.

QuickNode’s support is a key milestone for developers operating on the XRP Ledger. With the hassle of node maintenance and synchronization alleviated, builders can focus on go-to-market strategies and ensuring their business is successful. QuickNode’s solutions and tool offering are created by developers with developers in mind, and their support will make building on XRPL easier than ever before.
Today, the QuickNode network processes over 200 Billion requests per month across over 13 regions worldwide.‌‌
"By integrating XRPL into our platform, QuickNode is furthering its commitment to providing businesses, financial institutions, and governments with enterprise-grade infrastructure to power their blockchain-based applications. Our unique tooling and capabilities offer a simplified pathway for these entities to build with increased security, scalability, and operational efficiency." — Jason Hunt, VP of Ecosystem at QuickNode

Why XRPL is an Obvious Choice for QuickNode

XRPL stands out as a fast, energy-efficient, and reliable blockchain solution that has consistently proven its worth over the past decade.

It has become the go-to blockchain for settlement and liquidity of tokenized assets at scale. With a user-friendly development environment, low transaction costs, and a vibrant community, XRPL offers developers a solid open-source foundation to tackle ambitious projects spanning payments, tokenization, decentralized finance (DeFi), and much more.

Learning Portal

There is an array of support across the XRPL ecosystem to get developers started. Grants and bounties are available to help developers of all levels get started with the funding and resources they need to bring their Web3 projects and applications to life. The XRP Ledger has also launched an online learning portal where developers of all levels can learn more about the basics of crypto and blockchain, or dive straight into coding on the XRPL with courses in languages such as Javascript and React.js.

For additional information or to join the community, check out the developer Discord, view open source code and repos on GitHub, and follow @RippleXDev on Twitter where we regularly share updates, projects, new features, and fixes from the XRPL community.

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