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Calling All Builders: Grow and Scale Your Blockchain Business with XRPL Accelerator

Applications for the new XRPL Accelerator program are now open through May 1st.

The world of web3 is rapidly evolving, and the developer community continues to unlock new use cases for blockchain and crypto technology across industries and around the globe.

To help empower this community and support builders who are scaling their businesses using blockchain, the XRP Ledger community is excited to announce the launch of the XRPL Accelerator program.

The Accelerator is a 12-week program designed to help entrepreneurs building on the XRP Ledger (XRPL) achieve commercial success and attain mass adoption. Selected teams will earn a $50,000 program grant, gain valuable insights from industry-leading mentors, refine their product-market fit, and connect with investors and partners.

Build It and They Will Come
The XRPL community is committed to supporting the visionaries building on the XRPL by helping them turn their products into scalable businesses.

The XRPL Accelerator equips early-stage teams with all the skills, benefits, and resources needed to fast-track their scaling efforts and deliver meaningful utility and value. Using SMART Goals and a tailored 360-degree analysis of each project’s business model and product proposition, the highly customized program will help each team build a refined, validated and actionable strategic blueprint to overcome their unique growth challenges.

During the Accelerator’s closing demo day, teams will also have an opportunity to pitch for venture funding.

Who Should Apply
This launch cohort is open to ambitious, visionary builders and entrepreneurs leveraging the XRPL in their product development. Ideal teams will have a minimum viable product (MVP) and business model strategy in place; already having a product live on the XRPL is encouraged but not required when submitting an application.

Teams and projects will be required to pass a technical review and exhibit strong, defensible technology as part of their proposal. We are looking for convincing use cases and a strong hypothesis for market validation. Teams should also be able to demonstrate sufficient financial resources to sustain operations over time.

Ultimately, the program is seeking products with commercial potential that address a clear, well-defined pain point or market need and that would benefit from the development of a revenue model and go-to-market strategy.

How to Apply
The XRPL Accelerator is targeting 8-10 projects for each cohort and is designed as a mostly virtual program with an on-site demo component. The demo day for the first cohort will take place August 21st-25th in New York City.

Interested teams should submit an online application that takes less than 10 minutes to complete. The application deadline is May 1st and the first cohort kicks off on June 5th.

Note that some program elements, such as legal/incorporation support and target user mapping, will be delivered with the Americas and Europe in mind, and that program delivery is aligned with the Eastern Time zone in the United States.

Please remain on the lookout for future cohort applications. A Singapore-based program is currently underway with Tenity, a leading early-stage FinTech investor and innovation ecosystem, that will have a regional focus on APAC.

Not building a blockchain app but want to be involved in the program? Apply to be a mentor to work hands-on with XRPL Accelerator participants, provide valuable guidance, and support the teams in their goal-setting and execution while contributing to a growing global network of industry-leading innovators.

To learn more about XRPL Accelerator as well as upcoming opportunities, please visit

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