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Become an XRP Ledger Campus Ambassador

Ready to make a difference in the world of Web3? Applications are now open for the Spring 2023 XRP Ledger Campus Ambassador program, which runs from February to May.

The XRP Ledger Campus Ambassador program—founded via an XRP Ledger Foundation and Ripple partnership—aims to support, connect and empower a group of students to further advance engagement and development on the XRP Ledger. In their role, ambassadors help educate their campus blockchain communities about how to build on the XRPL through workshops, events, hackathons and more.

Campus Ambassadors will be mentored by active members of the community on use cases ranging from NFTs, to metaverse, gaming, and beyond. Ambassadors will also have the opportunity to participate in group learning and training sessions, receive a stipend to support on-campus events related to building on the XRPL, participate in Ambassador-only events, and travel to conferences to gain hands-on experience building communities and growing their professional network in the blockchain industry.

During the fall semester, 100 Ambassadors from around the world were selected to share their blockchain knowledge and grow the XRPL community across their respective campuses. To date, they have hosted dozens of events, workshops and meetups; attended global conferences; planned hackathons across multiple universities; and partnered with sponsors to attend crypto events around the globe.

“I got the chance to learn more about blockchain technology, network, and connect with other students passionate about the XRP Ledger. Not only did I get to meet new people, but also different people from different parts of the world,” says a Lead Ambassador from Toronto Metropolitan University. He adds, “This program has allowed me to learn about other cultures and customs in addition to learning about blockchain technology and its applications in real life scenarios. I am extremely grateful for this program.”

All students are welcome to apply to be a part of the Spring 2023 Ambassador Program cohort. Applications are open now through January 12th.

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