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Accelerator Demo Day Recap: Unveiling the Future of Innovation on XRPL

The latest iteration of the XRPL Accelerator concluded with an exhilarating Demo Day, where a select group of pioneering projects showcased their progress and partnerships within the XRPL ecosystem. The teams led presentations in outlining the problems their products were actively addressing and their progress thus far in establishing themselves in their relevant markets.

These projects are poised to make a significant impact in the world of blockchain and beyond:

NIR-Watchdog’s team presented a groundbreaking approach to traceability and auditability using Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). Their innovative solution promises to bring unprecedented transparency and security to various industries. Coming out of the University of Luxembourg, the team has already set about ensuring partnerships with key academic institutions.

CornerMarket offered the audience a view into its remarkable journey of international growth, surpassing the milestone of 1,000 users in both the United States and Colombia. The team’s platform is aiming to transform the way businesses transact on the XRPL.

GemWallet provided insights into its unique approach to developer tooling. They’re determined to stand out in a competitive landscape by offering innovative solutions and unmatched user experience. The team outlined the consistent growth in users they have enjoyed over the past year and highlighted a wealth of integrations they have secured with platforms throughout the XRPL ecosystem.

VerifyEd showed how it is taking on recruitment fraud head-on, already onboarding over 160 global institutions. Their platform leverages blockchain to issue verifiable digital credentials, addressing a critical issue in the education and employment sectors. The team is on a mission to ensure 100 million blockchain-backed credentials issued by 2028, its participation in the XRPL Accelerator is its latest step on that journey.

Full house at the XRPL Accelerator Demo Day at Apex in Amsterdam

XRP.Cafe offered an insight into the impressive traction and wallet growth they have enjoyed over the last year on their way to becoming the number one marketplace on the XRP Ledger. The team outlined their goals and the problems they are looking to address.

Chimoney unveiled their roadmap, highlighting important benchmarks like expanding supported countries from 10 to 60, with the intention of reaching 100 by the year end. The team sketched out the competitive landscape and why Chimoney is well positioned to continue scaling.

Ap0cene gave an overview of a unified trustless solution they have created that allows customers to authenticate their assets with one tap. The team offered further detail on their considerable achievements with 240 international brands signed, over 180,000 followers on Instagram and $461,000 in gross revenue. They are presently raising at pre-seed.

Droplinked explained how they believe decentralized commerce is set to provide transparency via a secure mechanism that can define, track and pay for value-add efforts. Through the decentralized registration of products linked to smart contracts the team is making important steps in refining their product.

Cohort 1 of XRPL Accelerator Program

Lorem Labs detailed how Kudos is providing a unique system for distributing rewards to participants, utilizing a non-custodial XRPL identity wallet application. The team has created an ecosystem with three products. Semicolons is a service aiding enterprises to automate the process of identifying and rewarding open source contributors. Ident.Agency is a safe mapping layer that enables us to send funds to existing ids like email addresses. And Setler is the tooling that helps send a budget to thousands of people. With the launch of their non-custodial and custodial wallet to follow, there is plenty to look forward to this year.

These projects are just a glimpse of the incredible work happening within the XRPL Accelerator program. As we prepare for the latest call for applications, let’s consider how the initiative continues to provide significant support to builders.

XRPL Accelerator: Fostering XRPL Innovation

The XRPL Accelerator was launched in April with a mission to empower builders on the XRP Ledger. After a rigorous selection process, nine exceptional projects were chosen for the inaugural cohort of this 12-week program.

Participants in the XRPL Accelerator received a $50,000 program grant, mentorship from industry experts, guidance in refining their product-market fit, and invaluable connections with potential partners. This support is designed to help early-stage teams succeed and scale their projects on the XRPL.

"Over the course of VerifyEd we have been involved in a few accelerator programs, the XRPL Accelerator Program stands out as a shining star. Its exceptional mentorship, the camaraderie of fellow founders in the XRP Ledger ecosystem, and a $50k cash injection helped breathe life into our vision.

Through the program, we sharpened our storytelling, polished our pitch, and had the incredible opportunity to showcase our project at the Apex dev summit. Beyond all this, what truly made the XRPL Accelerator Program was the incredible opportunity to meet and connect with an outstanding bunch of fellow startups in person, both in London and Amsterdam, and to meet the wider Ripple community, which really made us feel like we're part of a movement that's reshaping the future," Abi Waterer, Co-founder of VerifyEd.

“GemWallet's journey through the Accelerator was transformative. The Demo Day showcased not just our product but the evolution of our vision, finely tuned with the accelerator's guidance. Navigating the XRP Ledger, the accelerator became our compass, clarifying our path and enhancing our business approach. We’re grateful for the experience that has shaped GemWallet's future,” Florian Bouron, Founder of GemWallet.

Customized Growth Strategies

The program is tailored to each project’s unique needs. It uses SMART goals and a comprehensive analysis of business models to help fashion a strategy blueprint for success. The personalized approach equips teams with the skills and resources needed to overcome growth challenges.

Over the 12 weeks, the curriculum covers various aspects of building scalable projects on the XRP Ledger. From refining product to tokenomics design and pitch training, participants receive comprehensive guidance. They also collaborate with program partners like MING Labs, LegalNodes, and Myosin to address legal and compliance considerations.

The XRPL Accelerator continues to shape the future of XRP Ledger innovation, and the projects involved in the Demo Day are at the forefront of that transformation. If you’re interested in learning more about the projects listed and understanding more about investment, you can reach out at

To learn more about XRPL Accelerator as well as upcoming opportunities, please visit To stay connected with the XRPL community, follow @RippleXDev on X and join the XRPL Developer Discord.

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