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Getting a Free Domain For Students

If you are student and you are looking to get a domain, then you're in luck! You can get one for free with Namecheap. Namecheap provides services such as domain name registration and web hosting services.

If you want a free domain, check out their student offer here.

Namecheap Student Deal

There is a small catch though. You will only be able to get the .me domain for free. .me domains are usually used for personal sites and blogs (like mine).

If you're looking for .com, .net, .io and other domains, then this offer will not apply - you won't get the domain for free, but rather under a discounted rate. Despite that, Namecheap's domain hosting is extremely affordable and comes in at only a couple of dollars per year.

Looking for Hosting?

Both services offer great uptime and customer service. Oh did I mention - you get a free domain name with both Bluehost and Hostinger!

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