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Initial Post

As my first post, I figure I give a little background about where I've been and where I'm trying to go.

I have been trying to make the career switch into web development for the past couple of years now with minimal luck. I started this path when I reconnected with an old friend who told me his story about how he was able to transition into a full-stack developer role.

His story was inspiring and in some cases similar to my own. After hearing about the different aspects of a developer's life and, considering my first experiences with any type of coding was changing color schemes and adding music players to my old Facebook page which I genuinely enjoyed, I decided that maybe this would be my future.

After joining the coding community of which he and a few others started to help people like myself who wanted to make the change to being a web developer I began learning from free coding sources like Codecademy, Online courses from Udemy and Udacity. Eventually, I joined a Google scholarship program from which I graduated and got a certificate.

Fast forward to now and I have been able to work on a few freelance projects and even joined a coding boot camp for front-end web development. I am currently still on track with that boot camp and learning the fundamentals of the React framework.

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