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S3MER - Advanced Customizable Live Streaming Platform

Project Description

S3MER is an innovative and customizable live streaming platform designed to revolutionize the streaming experience. It offers a feature-rich environment akin to popular platforms, while integrating cutting-edge technologies for enhanced security, customization, and seamless user interaction.

Demo Images

  • Home Page Home Page
  • Dashboard - Live Dashboard - Live

Technologies & Key Features

  • Frontend: TypeScript, React, Next.js, TailwindCSS, Shadcn-ui
  • Prisma & MySQL: Ensuring efficient data management and storage.
  • & WebRTC: Enabling real-time communication and streaming capabilities.
  • WebSockets, Clerk & JWT-decode: Strengthening secure data transmission and authentication.
  • Livekit: Leveraging Livekit components, client, and server SDKs for enriched streaming functionalities.
  • Tanstack/react-table & Zustand: Facilitating seamless data handling and state management.
  • Uploadthing & Sonner: Streamlining file uploads and enhancing user interaction.
  • Svix & Webhooks: Providing a robust integration framework for external services.
  • NGROK: Enabling secure tunneling for local development and testing.
  • RTMP and WHIP connections: Supporting diverse streaming protocols for broad compatibility.
  • Server actions: Implementing comprehensive server-side functionalities for streamlined operations.

Features & Capabilities

  • Real-Time Streaming: Utilizing WebRTC and WebSockets for seamless live streaming capabilities.
  • Security: Prioritizing robust security measures for user data and interactions. Integrated authentication, JWT, and additional security layers for user protection.
  • Efficient Data Management: Leveraging Prisma, MySQL, and other technologies for efficient data management.
  • Cutting-edge Technologies: Leveraging the latest in streaming technology to provide a seamless experience.
  • Customizable UI/UX: Developed with TailwindCSS and Shadcn-ui, ensuring an engaging user interface. Empowering users with extensive customization options for their streaming environments.
  • Scalable Architecture & Performance: Built with scalability in mind to accommodate growing user bases while maintaining optimal performance with a focus on delivering a smooth streaming experience.

Get Involved & Contribute

This project is continuously evolving, incorporating new technologies and enhancements to deliver an exceptional live streaming experience. Contributions and feedback from the community are highly encouraged and welcomed!

Contributions to S3MER are welcome! Whether you're passionate about enhancing user experience, optimizing performance, or adding new features, your contributions are valued.

Tech Stack

Typescript, React, Next.js, TailwindCSS, Shadcn-ui, Prisma, MySQL,, WebRTC, WebSockets, Clerk, Clerk/themes, Livekit/components-react, Livekit-client, Livekit-server-sdk, Tanstack/react-table, Uploadthing, JWT-decode, Sonner, Svix, Ngrok, Zustand, Webhooks, RTMP and WHIP connections, Server actions and more.

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