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This is me bending the rules a little and answering the fictional question "why do you find the following users (in no particular order) worth mentioning here?"

@carlymho because this post should be part of a collection named "human first, developer second":

@jurn_w because he recently reminded me of the value of shipping and focusing on the product instead of hiding behind the technology:

@nektro because she's amazing and asks a lot of right questions on this website. She also dabbles in fantasy a little:

@progrium because he's been quietly working on something terrific these last few weeks that I'm not even sure what it is but I can't wait to try. I believe it's a way to use Go on the frontend for web applications. It takes dedication and a bit of craziness to accomplish :D

@mortoray because he teaches how to slay programming monsters and his latest post generated one of the longest discussions about the "ternary operator" I've ever seen

@brendazam because she is allowing us to witness her technical and personal growth in public and that's gold. Seriously Brenda, keep being you!

@annarankin because of posts like this one:

a perfect example of the added value of different experiences and walks of life

@michaelgv because he's a person truly interested in helping less experienced developer thrive. For example:

@bosepchuk because he asks questions a lot of people here don't and there's a lot of value in that. After all, we're all humans. My favorite post of his:

@dmfay because as much as I love relational databases I will never know as much as she does. Her culture and knowledge (beyond development) is quite evident if you stop and read what and how she writes. Chapeau! She also managed to write a "vs" post that wasn't a gimmick, it's no easy feat:

@quii because he wrote a very cool series about learning Go with tests and because with this post he made a lot of us think deeply about what we're doing:

@spang because she made email cool again (:D) and knows her stuff top to bottom. For example:

@vickylai because I love her posts and because I wished I had her will to be a digital nomad. Read this:

@kaydacode because everytime she appears it is to say something useful and precious. I guess she's has a job as a fairy somewhere in addition to being an iOS developer. Highlighted this for her:

@ice_lenor because she wrote about C++ while talking about a not so nice aspect of her career and we're all the better for it

@rdegges because he wrote my favorite rant of all time on :D:

@charlyn because even if I've only read one of her posts it was the right one and I wish I was citing it more often:

@aspittel because she's consistently increasing the value of this website. If you think about it every little thing we add to this website is collective value for us and for the future users. Only a few have the consistency she has in creating quality content. She also seem to be a great human being all around. See for yourself:

(also go offline while on and check what happens :D)

@vaidehijoshi because she created an invaluable set of CS lessons and I wish she was my teacher back at uni. For example:

@lpasqualis which I haven't seen around here for a while but whose "professional programming" posts and ensuing comments are a treasure trove. My favorite:

Last but not least:

@andy and @maestromac because, even though they might be less active on the website, they are behind the scenes with the others making sure we can argue about our favorite tech stacks everyday

@ben , @jess and @peter because with the rest of the team have created a safe space for devs allowing us to be vulnerable people between a post about a new library and a disagreement on how to do something. Especially allowing us to do all of that without feeling "less than". I also appreciate the keen ability to open posts like this one to drive the community forward. Same goes for the "best comments" and "best posts" and all the (future) tricks up your sleeves!


Aww Rhymes, this is so nice. That means a lot -- thank you so much!

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