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re: Flutter may end up being a flop because of such issues which may appear to be "trivial" yet they are not. Google is pushing Flutter so hard yet the...

Thank you Halafu! I'm glad for your answer as well. The doc is really bad, but I hope it will get better before version 1.0. Vue.js has one of the best docs out there, they can copy that :-D

Flutter is a really good idea but they should help lowering the barrier given that everything is new.

At the moment the only thing everybody seems to get out of flutter is that "everything is a widget" which is now almost a joke.

Now that I think about it this thing is so "Google". IIRC GMail initially written with a Java framework, GWT that generated JavaScript code. I'm not surprised they came up with a tool in which everything is a widget.

It's the perfect condition for code generators (which if Flutter takes on, someone will definitely create), it's just that right now is a little too verbose.

I thought about purchasing Maximilian Schwarzmüller's Learn Flutter & Dart to Build iOS & Android Apps course on Udemy because I loved his Vue course but it's 200€ and I'm not that committed right now...

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