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How SAP ABAP could be a gamechanger to your career

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SAP ABAP stands for Advanced Business Application Programming, ABAP is 4GL specially designed for mass processing of data in business applications. It is a technical module in SAP. It is very easy to get into SAP ABAP, all you need to know some basic things about programming language. During the college time, we were taught in B.Tech about C++ Java that these languages are the foundation for any Programming language.


 At that time only we can judge ourselves that whether we are capable or not for this programming languages. If you possess a good knowledge of writing loop statements writing syntax then you are welcome to the world of SAP ABAP


SAP ABAP is known to have three layers:

Presentation layer: Here end-user connects through SAP GUI

Application layer: It is an ABAP runtime environment in which ABAP programs are executed

Database layer: It consists of database system in which central datasets of an ABAP saved


ABAP support following programming models

  • Object oriented programming language which deals in classes and interfaces
  • Procedure programming language based in function modules and subroutines.


A person who wants to be proficient in SAP ABAP needs to be well versed with below things:


  • Basic Statements
  • Keywords
  • Internal tables
  • Databases
  • Open SQL statements
  • Oops technology


A SAP ABAP professional need to perform the following job responsibilities:

He has to take the requirement from Functional consultant and understand the business process then has plan accordingly and write a code for the business process, then test everything in Sandbox

Then move things to quality and get tested from actual users and take approvals from business then move the code to production, in this process they need recode the things many times till they achieve results

An ABAP expert should possess good debug knowledge, many times he has to redevelop the existing code written previously. In the first phase he went through the entire coding then he re-shuffle it according to the business requirement. In  second phase he will debug the entire code and remove unwanted things add new things according to the business requirements.


Even they work on break fixes, enhancements, BADI’s BAPI, Functional modules on regular basis they work on generating new report for business. They even work on designing part of forms. Nowadays they extensively uses web dyna-pro to develop the programs.

There are many ways to get into ABAP like as follows

  • ABAP Developers
  • ABAP Lead
  • ABAP Managers
  • ABAP Technical lead
  • ABAP Project manager


Initially everybody should work on support project with the end users, then he develops himself like developers, Lead, Managers, Technical Lead, Project Lead. If you get a chance to work in implementation then you can learn all business processes at one place in one implementation. Basically, the project start from AS-IS to TO-BE. In this process you get a chance to work with Requirement gathering, blueprint phase, realization, testing and go-live phase.


There are always good openings for ABAPER in big MNC with handsome package. They can easily get their dream job after the successful completion of the course from the reliable SAP ABAP training institute. If the aspirant learns the basics and advanced way of handling project, soon he or she can receive a promotion based on the performance at the workplace.

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