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Changing Tab Details

I stumbled onto an interesting pattern when checking out the Mellow Mushroom web page. It didn't hit me right away ... I left the page and had to come back and see if I really had observed the page title change when I switched tabs! Then, I had to figure out how it was done.

A quick search came up with the following question on Stack Overflow ... PERFECT!


So I am making a website and everything is nicely done but I don't know that many things with javascript.

I was searching for something that will help me with this and found some similar things but it doesn't work in my case.

This is the problem/idea:

  • User is on…

In the answers ...

window.onblur = function () {
  document.title = 'you left?';
window.onfocus = function () {
  document.title = 'WELCOME';
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Here's a working copy of the code above ...

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