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Angular Communication Between Tabs

For a client project, I had a Summary and Detail Page. The Detail Page was opened in a new tab. They needed the summary to update when the state of the detail information changed.

Having worked with BroadcastChannel in the past (see HERE), I set about creating a service to handle this functionality.

Setup Code

First, I needed an interface ...

export interface BroadcastMessage {
  type: string;
  payload: any;
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Broadcast Service

Then, there's the code ...

import { Injectable } from '@angular/core';
import { Observable, Subject } from 'rxjs';
import { filter } from 'rxjs/operators';

import { BroadcastMessage } from '@core/interfaces/broadcast-message';

import config from '@core/constants/config.json';

  providedIn: 'root'
export class BroadcastService {

  broadcastChannel: any;
  onMessage = new Subject<any>();

  constructor() {

  initialize() {
    const name: string = config.details.detailChangeChannel;
    this.broadcastChannel = new BroadcastChannel(name);
    this.broadcastChannel.onmessage = (message) =>;

  publish(message: BroadcastMessage): void {

  messagesOfType(type: string): Observable<BroadcastMessage> {
    return this.onMessage.pipe(
      filter(message => message.type === type)

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As you can see, I pulled the initialization code out of the constructor; this makes it easier for me to test the code. The channel name is stored in a configuration JSON file.

There is a publish function that simply posts a message. In the initialize function we are watching the onmessage and passing the data to the onMessage Subject.

This then allows the developer to filter to the messages they are looking for using the messagesOfType function.

Here's a look at an implementation of messagesOfType.



handleBroadcastMessage = (): void => {
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The string passed in via messagesOfType above is also in the config.json file mentioned previously.

Here's a look at an implementation of publish.

this.broadcastService.publish({ type: config.details.detailChangeEvent, payload: '' });
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Unit Tests

This code deserves to be tested ...

import { TestBed } from '@angular/core/testing';

import { BroadcastService } from './broadcast.service';

import { BroadcastMessage } from '@core/interfaces/broadcast-message';

import config from '@core/constants/config.json';

describe('BroadcastService', () => {
  let service: BroadcastService;

  beforeEach(() => {
    service = TestBed.inject(BroadcastService);

  it('should be created', () => {

  it('expects "publish" to trigger a postMessage', () => {
    const message: BroadcastMessage = { type: 'TEST', payload: 'DATA' };
    spyOn(service.broadcastChannel, 'postMessage').and.stub();

  it('expects "messagesOfType" to capture and return message if type matches', (done) => {
    const type: string = 'TEST';
    const message: BroadcastMessage = { type: type, payload: 'DATA' };
    let expected: BroadcastMessage = Object.assign({}, message);
    service.messagesOfType(type).subscribe(result => {
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Keep the following in mind when using the BroadcastChannel. It will only work when ...

  • All browser windows are running on the same host and port.
  • All browser windows are using the same scheme (it will not work if one app is opened with https and the other with http).
  • The browser windows aren’t opened in incognito mode.
  • And browser windows are opened in the same browser (there is no cross-browser compatibility).

I will leave checking browser version compatibility to caniuse.


And, that's it. I now have a tool I can use in Angular to pass messages between tabs.

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optiq01 profile image

Have you ever created multiple broadcast channels on one page using iframes? I'm trying to do such a thing however in my app only the last channel gets registered and everything gets reflected there while in the stackblitz I created to get help with the issue everything miraculously works and I can't figure out why.

rfornal profile image

Nope. Not something I’ve tried. iFrames are something I’ve stopped using in my code so I’m not sure what your use-case would be: I’m not sure I could see a case for multiple channels.