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Reybis Ceballos
Reybis Ceballos

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Enable GateKeeper macOS

Have you disabled Gatekeeper on macOS? And want to reset security to system default settings, this post is for you.

Ok, so let's get started.

In this post, we will enable Gatekeeper back again only to allow applications from the App Store or Developers identified by Apple.

  1. In terminal run the following command.
  sudo spctl --master-enable
  1. To verify that Gatekeeper is enabled, go to System Preferences, and you should see the following. Alt Text
    • Only App Store and App Store and identified developers are displayed.
    • The option App Store and the Identified developers is selected.

That's it, now Gatekeeper is back 😃

If you want to disable Gatekeeper again, I show you how to do it here.

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