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Getting back on the horse

rexthony profile image Rex Anthony Updated on ・2 min read

It’s been a while that I have had time to write.

These past few months have been incredibly busy, exciting and challenging. I accepted a side project from a client and took a deep dive into DevOps. Switched off windows, switched on Linux, and got exposed to tools and applications like the elastic stack, ansible, docker, nginx, ngrok, zammad, zabbix, deep speech, touched a little of python, angular and created a podcasting application which I am going to write about in a future post. I learnt a lot but had to put the development of Page Insight Analytics on hold for a while.

Returning back to indie hacking after a period of hiatus, I had been feeling like I had some kind of ‘brain fog’, where I couldn’t really process any new information. I panicked because I make a living out of my imagination. I needed to rekindle my creativity.

In the times that we live in today as developers, there is a need for speed. You are bombarded with information from all sides. Your brain is going at full speed and you are expected to consume, assimilate and apply it all like Kyle XY. Our brains are evolving before our very eyes. Settle down and try to read an article, a lot of times you’ll catch yourself skimming through the text. This is the new normal.

Keeping the right balance and focusing on one thing at a time is the way to go, or else you’ll end up knowing a little about a lot of things and miss the big picture, which is to solve the problems that people care about.

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