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8 Articles About Python Lists (+ 2 Videos)

renegadecoder94 profile image Jeremy Grifski ・2 min read

One of my favorite data structures in Python is the list. Honestly, there's a lot to like about Python lists. For one, they're easy to use and intuitive. In fact, declaring one and indexing it is as easy as:

nums = [2, 9, 6]
nums[0]  # returns 2

Better yet, Python lists are thoroughly supported. There are tons of convenience features that make lists fun to work with (i.e. negative indexing, iterable unpacking, etc.). That's why I can't stop writing about them:

Well, lately, I've decided to start improving these articles to include more than just solutions. For example, a few months ago, I started adding performance metrics using the timeit library. Recently, I started adding challenges, so you can take what you learn a step further.

Now, I'm converting some of these articles into videos for your viewing pleasure. Say hello to my latest two videos:

As always, I appreciate your support, and I hope these videos are helpful to someone. Thanks!


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