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RemoteWLB:A remote jobs aggregation board👨‍💻

What is RemoteWLB?

RemoteWLB is a web app that helps remote job seeker find new remote jobs online. RemoteWLB collect the remote jobs from the world-renowned remote work recruitment websites, update daily; Hope it's useful for someone else and help them to find a remote job with a Work-Life balance!.


  • ✅Daily updated remote jobs list
  • ✅Job category and sort filter
  • ✅Job detail and apply
  • 🕘Sign up; Mark and more features coming soon~

The website has just been developed and many features have not been added yet. If you feel that there are any areas or bugs that need improvement after experiencing it, you can leave a comment or contact me here. Your support and trust are the driving force for me to move forward💪!

I also maintained a GitHub project to updated development remote jobs daily, categorizing them according to the required programming skills for each position, Give the project a star⭐ if it's useful to you.

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All the best.

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Awesome, thank you very much