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Schedule meetings like a boss

One mail that hits my inbox every morning at 5AM is my schedule for the day. However, all of that scheduling had to be done manually – either someone blocked my Calendar or I had to do it myself. Well, that was before I was introduced to some amazing scheduling tools.

In our last post, we spoke about 4 nifty tools that help boost personal productivity. In this one, we touch upon productivity at work with focus on helping you schedule your meetings. We love tools that solve a specific use case because they do one thing and do it right. Read on to see for yourself if this is apt for these set of tools as well.


A simple tool that removes the pains from scheduling meetings by creating a poll to decide the most convenient time for all. Has integrations with Google, Office365 and other tools, making it easy-to-use with the current product you are using.

Calendly’s official description is concise and apt,

Calendly helps you schedule meetings without the back-and-forth emails.


Doodle simplifies getting a consensus whether to schedule a meeting or deciding on a place to meet. It executes this through a polling functionality. It also has native apps on both, Android and iOS. It bought Meekan in 2016, which is an AI chatbot that integrates with popular team chat collaboration tools such as Slack, and helps in easy scheduling of meetings.

In Doodle’s own words,

Get together with Doodle. The simple way to decide on dates, places & more.


Vyte is a relatively late-entry into this space and this is reflected in the modern interface of the tool. It largely offers similar features as Calendly and Doodle, with a price point close to Calendly, primarily banking on better UI.

This is what folks at Vyte have to say about the tool,

Smart all-in-one scheduling tool. Packed with powerful features that will save you time and ease all your headaches.

That’s all for now! Keep watching this space for more interesting reads.

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