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4 tools to make you as productive as Elon Musk

Productivity has been the buzzword over the past few years, in the tech world and otherwise. There are a plethora of nifty tools and apps to save those precious minutes in every aspect of your work and personal life. Ranging from note-taking to daily to-dos to web activity monitors, you name it and there’s a productivity app for it.

In context of remote working, personal productivity takes the front seat. In this article, we have handpicked four tools that we absolutely love and use in our daily routine. These tools are simple yet very effective. Each of them solves a pertinent problem every individual battles on a personal level. Read on to know more.


Distractions are a serious concern, with the biggest contribution from social media – the Space app helps us tackle this wastage of time. The app introduces a delay of ~10 seconds when one tries to access any social media website/app – this lack of instant gratification has been found to prevent users from using these social media apps. Created by Dopamine Labs, who are at the forefront of neuroinformatics in technology, this is something that definitely deserves a try.

Available on iOS and Android.


Forest tackles the distractions of various applications too, albeit in a different fashion to “Space”. It uses the growth of a sapling to a tree as a visual motivator to help users abstain from spending time on certain apps/websites. Has two ways of tackling time wastage: blacklisting and whitelisting websites/apps. Also, has a good-feel factor of doing environmental good as it also partners with organisations to plant actual trees.

Available on iOS and Android.

Take a break

It is pretty easy to lose track of time while working. Take a break reminds one to relax after periodic intervals as a precaution of the possible ill-effects on our health.

The description on the Chrome Store is succinct and apt:

Continuously staring at the computer can cause headaches, blurred vision, neck pain, fatigue, dry eyes. “Take A Break” extension tries to help you avoid or reduce these problems. It reminds you when to take a break while you are surfing the Web.

Figure it out

Figure it Out cuts out the pain of managing multiple timezones arising from a geographically distributed team. It has a beautiful interface on Chrome that depicts time zones and other details easing coordination.

Available both as a chrome extension and a more recently launched web app.

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