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GameDevHQ Intensive Training Week 01 / Week 08 [Day 1]


My apologies if the way I start on this post sound cliché 😅 still getting used to in writing blog post.

Long story short I am participating in the 8 week intensive training from GameDevHQ and I am really excited.

We are making a tower defense system in this training and each week we are given a task / assignment that we need to complete in order to finish the game. The entire training is not aimed at those that are accustomed to seeing videos and wait to have all the answers; this type of training is not spoon fed and you need to learn how to search for answers and read documentation in order to complete the tasks.

Starting off for Day 1 for week 1, at first I needed to say that I was scared when I saw all the tasks but once I breathed in and broke down the task I was able to have solid ideas of what I needed to do.

This where the following task:

AI System
Bake Navmesh Floor
AI Should only walk the baked path
AI should walk 1.5 meters per second (adjustable in the inspector)
AI has health properties
AI have warFund (currency) value for being killed
Modular class to support multiple enemy types
Walk Animations Playing by Default

Spawn Manager
Create start & end points on the map
Turn the SpawnManager into a Singleton
Spawn Enemies at the start position
Randomize enemy types
Assign target destination one spawned
The appropriate delay between spawns
Keep Environment tidy when spawning
Recycle Enemies not Destroyed
Wave System (Amount to spawn = 10 * currentWave)
Use Object Pooling

For the first day I decided to only tackle the AI System.

Personally it was the first time that I used Navmesh on Unity so it took me a while to have a solid walkable path for my enemy to walk on. Then I added the EnemyAI script and added the following property like health, speed walk and used an Enum to have a way to select what type of enemy is the one holding the script so different enemies can have different speeds, different heath values and different rewards to give the player.

For my first day I am really proud 😆

Next up is to tackle the Spawn be continue

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