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Reduct Storage Web Console v0.4.0 has been released

Hey, everyone! A little update for people who follow news from the Reduct Storage project.

Today, I've released the next minor version of Reduct Storage Web Console. It doesn't have some big new features, but I did a few changes to improve its usability:

  1. Buckets are sorted on the dashboard by last record. So, you see buckets, which are updated recently, first.
  2. Now you can click on a bucket card to open its detail view
  3. You can add a bucket not only from dashboard, but from Buckets page as well:

Add a new bucket

It also uses the latest Client SDK for JS.

Please keep in mind that you can try the console with Reduct Storage without installing it on your machine. Use our demo server with API token reduct.

DISCLAIMER: The demo server is only for demonstration purpose. Please don't store your important data there.

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