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C++ Client SDK v0.6.0 has been released

Hey everyone!

C++ Client SDK v0.6.0 have been released!
It supports Reduct Storage HTTP v0.6 and introduces some new features:

Data Streaming

Now you can write and read data in chunks:

# Read
std::ofstream file("some.blob");
auto err = bucket->Read("entry", ts, [&file](auto data) {
    file << data;
    return true;

# Write
const std::string blob(10'000, 'x');
bucket->Write("entry", ts, blob.size(), [&blob](auto offset, auto size) {
    return std::pair{true, blob.substr(offset, size)};
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The storage engine has no limitation for record sizes.
So, you can stream your data of any sizes maximal efficiently.

Get Or Create?

When your application needs to create a bucket in the storage engine before writing there, it caused boilerplate code to check if the bucket already exists.
Now it is way easier with the IClient::GetOrCreateBucket method:

auto [bucket, err] = client->GetOrCreate("bucket");
if (err) {
  std::cerr << "Error: " << err;

std::cout << bucket->GetSettings();
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