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Using Linter to Improve Code Quality

Why Linting:

  • Linting in Flutter is a linting tool that gives information regarding the quality of the code. A Lint or a Linter is a program that supports linting (verifying code quality) according to your coding rules. It will also report any issues it finds with existing code.
  • Using lint tools can help you accelerate development and reduce costs by finding errors earlier.
  • As a developer, we are most of the time dealing with problems like bugs, errors, etc. And even after solving it and rolling out our application, we might found out bugs that lead to application crashes.
  • To reduce the occurrence of this type of error and improve the code quality and readability we can use linter. The definition of linting according to Wikipedia -

It is a tool that analyzes source code to flag programming errors, bugs, stylistic errors, and suspicious constructs.

  • In simple terms, Linter will warn you or will give you the error if your code does not satisfy the rules specified by linter and needs to be resolved for better code quality, readability, and performance-boosting......

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