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Animation In Flutter : AnimatedAlign

  • As a developer, animation becomes an important part of your app development workflow. To make your app memorable, you might want to create cool animations in your application.
  • Animation makes a huge difference in user engagement. It is a powerful tool for grabbing user's attention and making the app's UI more friendly to use.
  • Animation is the process of creating a visual illusion of motion, with the help of elements such as images or videos. It is such a wonderful technique that allows you to convey your message with emotion and feeling.
  • Animation is one of the integral parts that make Flutter such a powerful framework. It helps us to create apps that not only look fantastic but feel natural and seamless as well.
  • In this series, I'm going to explain different in-built animation widgets like AnimatedAlign, AnimatedContainer, AnimatedOpacity, AnimatedWidget, AnimatedModalBarrier, etc.
  • In this article, I've explained the AnimatedAlign widget. Which is used to animate the position.

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