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Random Code Inspiration Volume 2

Image shrinker

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image-shrinker is a simple, easy to use open source tool for shrinking images. Under the hood it uses pngquant, mozjpg, SVGO, and gifsicle. You can also install these tools individually if you need to compress some images. I often use pngquantafter exporting PNGs for web projects from Figma or similar tools. I literally run it like this:

pngquant *.png
mkdir compressed
mv *-fs8.png compressed
rm *.png
mv compressed/*-fs8.png ./
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I am sure there are options or a shorter method, but this is how I do it for real 😅. I also like to keep the -fs8.png in the filenames so I know I already compressed them.

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The credits of image-shrinker mention a tool for generating poly-backgrounds. The link was broken but I found this and had my fair share of fun with it.

SVG porn

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Most of you probably know this site, but I mention it because it was valuable to me again this week. Did you know that the maintainer curates all SVG code? If you need a clean SVG for a company logo, this is the place that will make you happy.

3D Game Shaders For Beginners

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If you are interested in creating shaders (and also if not), this guide is for you. Free premium quality content, be ready to get amazed! 100% Wow guarantee. Seriously, this guy deserves a medal (and the 16k [probably not even bought] Github stars).

He also made Gifcurry which looks cool but I didn't try it because I am on Windows right now, but I will.

AI feedback loop generates psychedelic visuals

I did analog video feedback visuals back in the days and was searching if someone does somthing like this with AI nowadays. And I found this on YouTube, I love it, it's really mesmerizing.

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