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This coding bootcamp pays* you to attend. Does that change the game?

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Last spring, a well-known coding bootcamp made a major announcement.

Lambda School, a 9-month coding bootcamp with various learning tracks, reported that they were going to offer living stipends to select students.

Lambda is also well-known for their alternative tuition plan known as an Income Share Agreement (ISA). Instead of paying upfront, students pay Lambda a percentage of their income once they get a good paying job as a developer.

Each stipend is worth $18,000, paid in $2000 increments every month to cover the 9-month program.

The very big caveat:

Upon completion of the program, students will pay back 10% of their salary for a five year period once they're making at least $50,000 per year, instead of the standard 17% for two years. The max possible payment is capped at $50,000.

What do you think? Does this change things for you or do you consider this just another clever marketing scheme?

Would you consider a bootcamp (or recommend one) if more of these financial incentives or alternative tuition deals were offered?

Or are there better ways to learn software development? Let's discuss!

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